"The Little Prince has been reborn as a rhinoceros."


Kofi the rhinoceros is angry. At the moon shining in
his face, at the wind, the clouds, the sun, and all the animals around
him. One day his grandfather suggests making a trek to the
sea, something Kofi used to dream about doing long ago. 
The journey to the ocean becomes a journey towards self-knowledge. With
his grandfather's help, Kofi succeeds in addressing the rage which has
been poisoning his life, making himself and others miserable.
Kofi learns how to heal his own heart ... 

A book that gives comfort an hope

Wolf takes leave of his pack. He is going to the moor to die.

On his final journey he remembers the things that made his life rich and full:

Friendship and love.

Sorrow and hope.

Power and longing.

Joy and pain.

In the evening he reaches the moor - and a surprise awaits him ...

Tigerbaum Publishing




The story is available in five languages.

(English, German, Serbian, Turkish, Korean)